Why every men just love these tighty whities boxers briefs?

tighty whities

 Today we are going to tell a secret about How Men Really Feel About tighty whities because all men love to wear this tighty whities? We will try to find the reasons why this undergarment has gone so popular. Let’s find why every man wants to have this men’s underwear. 

Tighty whities

Do you know that most of the famous male celebrities are the fan of Tidy whities? The players, sportsman, and bodybuilders all love these whitey tighties. The men love this from the all types of underwear and Best Boxer Briefs.From Tom Cruise to Tom Hardy and Matt Bomer all big stars are the fan of this undergarment. All of them look stunning with their tighty-whities looks.You can see the most of the men in tighty whities looking more attractive. Moreover, Some men also wear this tighty whities under boxers. Keeping in view its popularity all big companies like Spanx and flexees etc has made the best tidy whities for men comfort.If we say that these are among the hottest 2018 Fashion trends then it would be right.

Reasons to choose Tighty-Whities

  1. boxer briefs are one of the healthiest underwear for men.
  2. It keeps men cool and comfortable.
  3. These are best for casual and formal both
  4. Cotton briefs are the most hygienic men’s underwear.
  5.  It is breathable.
  6. Keeps the man comfortable.
  7. Cheap

Does wearing tighty whities kill your sperm count?

Some experts say that wearing this can kill the sperm count. Is it good or bad for fertility or it causes low sperm count?

 Underwears that women want men to wear?

Do you know that women only like the boxers briefs and tidy whities on men? So be careful while choosing the undergarment for you next time.

Best Tighty-Whities 2018

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Brief 3 Pack, White, XXX-Large(Pack of 3)




  • 100% Cotton fabric
  • Comfortable
  • 3 pack
  • Strong, high quality, and Plush-backed waistband
  • Machine wash 
  •  dry low


2.BVD Men’s 7 Pack Brief, White, Large


  • 100% Cotton material
  • Imported stuff
  • Machine Wash
  • Confidence and comfort
  • High quality and Plush-backed waistband


3.Texere Men’s Luxury Underwear Briefs (Single Pack, Natural White, 30) Unique Gifts for Him MB6102-NWH-30


Final Verdict:-

Choose the tighty whities right now for the full comfort, enjoyment, and confidence in any field of life from the bedroom to the office and from the living room to workout places.